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We are blessed to continue our ministry through the loving donations of our brothers and sisters. Through continued efforts and contributions from those like you we are able to further expand the message of God's Glory. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Community Ministry

 A Life-Changing Journey to discovering the true You!

Welcome to CRCIM!

We are so elated you have taken the time to visit and learn more about the CRC family. 

Pastor Sheldon and Carlesha have been married since 1998, together having 5 children. They both are ordained pastors called to the 5-fold ministry to impact and advance the Kingdom of Heaven by solid prophetic teaching/preaching of God's word. We both are under the leadership of Apostle James and Beverly McCotter.

 In 2022, accomplishing a task together, they completed their Seminary Degree at Greater Mount Zion Theology School. In 2023, they wrote their first book together " Love Him to love him."

Their commitment of change afforded them an opportunity to evolve from what was to what is. Through evidence-based practices and individualized services, we encourage individuals we serve to make positive choices that contribute to changing lives (coaching, counseling, and community services).   

Our Mantra: We have a God to glorify, a Savior to magnify, and demons to terrify.

 The requirement for change... is to change. 

We are always seeking destiny helpers, vision readers, and vision runners to help us build what God ordained our hands to build. 

Love, Pastors S.R. & C.L. Suggs

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