We are blessed to continue our ministry through the loving donations of our brothers and sisters. Through continued efforts and contributions from those like you we are able to further expand the message of God's Glory. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Community Ministry

Meet the Founder and Co-Founders of Change Requires Change (CRC), LLC: A Life-Changing Journey to discovering the true You!

Carlesha, Shameka and Kendra are three high school friends with over 25 years of friendship. As women, we each have faced adversities in our lives that have left scars of shame, doubt, and low self-esteem. However, as we each began to grow as women of faith our scars began to heal through inspirational knowledge. It was the application of this knowledge that led us to the discovery of CRC. We realized what we needed growing up, it was vital to become that person for others. 

Our commitment to change afforded each of us an opportunity to evolve from a caterpillar, into a beautiful butterfly. Change Requires Change, LLC  is committed to be the provider of choice for individuals, families, and local communities in need of coaching, counseling and community services.  Through evidence-based practices and individualized services, we encourage the individuals we serve to make positive choices that contribute to changing lives. We can be found on most social media sites as well...join us as we become #evolvingbutterflies  #CRC,LLC. 


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